The brand, born and resident in Ibiza, is a pioneer in the design and local
confection of ethical and sustainable fashion on the white island, offering casual
and unique designs as we are each of us ...
We offer not only sustainable fashion at affordable prices,but also a brand
concept that fits your wardrobe and contributes to your sustainable lifestyle.
We focus on creating an authentic eco-fashion with the clear objective
of being Ethical, Efficiency and Aesthetics with maximum style, quality and
comfort, adjusting to your wardrobe and contributing to your eco lifestyle.
Ibizarium is inspired by Ibiza and it's landscape, the see,
the peaceful lifestyle respecting all form of live,
with love to natural beauty and it's bohemian & creative personalities.
Each garment has been designed and produced with maximum respect for the
environment and the rights of people at all stages of the production
and manufacturing cycle


We produce 50% of our production locally in Ibiza and the other 50% in Spain mainland with sewing workshops such as "Dona Kolors" in Barcelona.
With Innovative social projects that have been recognized and awarded on several occasions, where women living in social exclusion learn a course Sewing of a formative year, along with other reinforcement courses adapted to their needs, such as Spanish classes and orientation to the local labor market.

Our challenge, is to become a reference doing business
fairly, believing that this contribution will allow the project
to employ more women, empowering them to take control ove
r their own lives and be an inspiration for other women in a similar situation.
The goal is to improve their lives by opening doors to the labor market.
A brand concept that fits your wardrobe and contributes to
your sustainable lifestyle.
With each sale of Ibizarium = we donates 1% of benefit
to multiple enviromental organizations.
Ibizarium team also participates in beach and waterway clean ups to remove trash from our oceans

A garment that benefits who creates it and who wears it!
Quoting Mahatma Gandhi
"There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes
hunger and unhappiness",
Sometimes, it is simply a matter of pause and act
consciously, And when you have the certainty to contribute to a common good
for all involved, then you experience abundance in all its forms